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This 33 x 23 picture includes a facsimile Self Portrait Doodle and autograph by Curt Cobain.


This item is professionally framed.


The Gallery at 759 Main offers Authentic Autographs through Signings, In-Person Signings or Private Collections.


Kurt Donald Cobain (February 20, 1967 – April 5, 1994) was an American musician, singer, and songwriter. He became known as the co-founder, lead vocalist, guitarist, and primary songwriter of the rock band Nirvana. Through his angst-fueled songwriting and anti-establishment persona, his compositions widened the thematic conventions of mainstream rock music. He was heralded as a spokesman of Generation X and is widely recognized as one of the most influential alternative rock  musicians.


Cobain formed Nirvana with Krist Novoselic and Aaron Burckhard in 1987, establishing themselves as part of the Seattle music scene that later became known as grunge. Burckhard was replaced by Chad Channing before the band released their debut album Bleach (1989) on Sub Pop, after which Channing was in turn replaced by Dave Grohl. With this finalized line-up, the band signed with DGC and found commercial success with the single "Smells Like Teen Spirit" from their critically acclaimed second album Nevermind (1991).


Cobain wrote many other hit Nirvana songs such as "About a Girl", "All Apologies", "Aneurysm", "Come as You Are", "Heart-Shaped Box", "In Bloom", "Lithium", "Something in the Way", and "You Know You're Right". Although he was hailed as the voice of Generation X following Nirvana's sudden success, he resented this and believed his message and artistic vision had been misinterpreted by the public.


During his final years, Cobain struggled with a heroin addiction and chronic depression. He also struggled with the personal and professional pressures of fame, and was often in the spotlight for his tumultuous marriage to fellow musician  Courtney Love, with whom he had a daughter named  Frances. In March 1994, he overdosed on a combination of champagne and Rohypnol, subsequently undergoing an intervention and detox program. On April 8, 1994, he was found dead in the garage of his Seattle home at the age of 27, with police concluding that he had died around three days earlier from a self-inflicted shotgun wound to the head.


Cobain was posthumously inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, alongside Nirvana bandmates Novoselic and Grohl, in their first year of eligibility in 2014. Rolling Stone included him on its lists of the 100 Greatest Songwriters of All Time, 100 Greatest Guitarists, and 100 Greatest Singers of All Time. He was ranked 7th by MTV in the "22 Greatest Voices in Music", and was placed 20th by Hit Parader on their 2006 list of the "100 Greatest Metal Singers of All Time".

Kurt Cobain with Self Portrait Doodle

  • 33 x 23

  • Facsimile

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